One of the most frustrating things you can have happen to you on Facebook ads is to experience under-delivery on your ads. You go through the pain of setting up campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Then you give everything a budget, push it live…..and nothing. No spend to little spend with no to little actual ad delivery. So what’s next? Lets look at some best practices to help out in these situations.

Tip 1

Is the campaign/ad set/ad live? Yeah this sounds really simple when you think about it. But hey, we’ve all had those “oops I am such an idiot” moments.

Tip 2

If the ad is live, check to make sure you have not reached any budget limits within the account. Check ad set budget, campaign budgets, and your payment methods.

Tip 3

Check to make sure your ad’s image does not contain more than 20% text. Facebook does not like images that contain heavy text and will limit their delivery. Check if your image has too much text with the Facebook Text Overlay Tool.

Tip 4

Make sure you are not targeting the same audience in too many places within your account. Use Facebook’s audience overlap tool and check if you are hitting the same users too many times.

Tip 5

If you are using manual bidding you may be losing out on auctions. Try changing you bid method to automatic or as Facebook calls it “Lowest cost”. This will give the Facebook algorithms a chance to bid for you in real time.

Tip 6

Check your relevance scores on your ads. Low relevance scores on ads tells Facebook that people are not responsive to your ads and therefore your ad won’t serve as much. If you have low relevance scores try changing up your ad copy. Try to make it more appealing to the people you are targeting.

Tip 7

Review your audience sizes. If you have very small audiences you might be struggling to get impressions and reach even if you have a large budget.

Tip 8

If you happen to be using conversion campaigns in Facebook, look to see if you are getting enough conversions on a weekly basis for Facebook’s algorithms to learn who best to serve your ads to. The general rule of thumb is to get 50 conversions per week from an ad set for the algorithms to have enough data to learn. If you aren’t getting that many try changing what you are optimizing for. If you aren’t getting enough purchases, try optimizing for add to carts instead. Focus on something a bit further up the funnel

Tip 9

Opt into more placements on the ad set level. If you are only utilizing one or two different placements you may be limiting your ad’s ability to serve. By opting into more placements, you have more potential inventory that your ad can show on. A lot of times, those placements that aren’t the Facebook feed are much cheaper inventory too!

Tip 10

Check to see if your ads have been disapproved. You may have unknowingly violated some of Facebooks advertising policies. If you did, try and follow the steps to fix your ads so that they are in alignment with what Facebook finds acceptable.


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