Hey, AWSQuest News Blog readers – Greg Bilsland here. I work with Jeff behind the scenes on the AWS Blog, and I’ve been collaborating with the fine folks at Lone Shark Games on AWS Quest. You’ve done a great job tracking Ozz’s journey westward from Seattle to re:Invent. We wanted to give you a short midpoint update on where we’ve gone so far, and how far we have to go.

Our wayward robot pal started our journey in our fair Emerald City and got a cup of coffee (with an unexpected grid inside) before walking into the Pacific. We then traveled to Sydney, where they had to corral a runaway kangaroo. In Tokyo, we gobbled up some sushi (who knew robots were so hungry?), and then continued to Seoul for a moonlit walk along the Banpo Bridge.

In Beijing, we then encountered over a thousand terra cotta warriors. Then we journeyed to Singapore, where we were introduced to the national hybrid creature, the highly impressive merlion. Our next stop was Mumbai, a metropolis where the locals enjoy many different varieties of homemade spices. Our last stop before the midpoint of the journey was the city of Stockholm, at which an interesting set of teddy bears talked our favorite robot into doing some shopping.

The second half of Ozz’s trek first brought us to Cape Town, where we sampled some of the musical delights of the region. Today we have arrived in Paris, and undoubtedly a challenging puzzle awaits us here.

That’s my midpoint report on our little friend’s journey to re:Invent. Keep solving! Watch for the culmination on Friday, November 16, at 12 pm. I hope to meet up with you at re:Invent!

—Greg Bilsland


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