Bing Ads announced in early April 2019 they are releasing a new ad extension format – Action Extensions.  This new format is totally unique to Bing Ads allows advertisers to add a preset call-to-action as an ad extension.

Background Info

There are 70 different action types that can be selected for Action Extensions including “Free Quote” and “Visit Store.”  Action extensions will show below the ad potentially in combination with other ad extensions.  Bing Ads claims that ads with Action Extensions applied delivered 20% higher CTRs during beta testing.

Action extensions can be applied to campaigns targeting mobile or desktop users and are available in all languages currently supported by Bing Ads.  These extensions can be applied at the account, campaign or ad group level, similar to other extension formats.

Action Extension Setup

Action extensions are now available within the Bing Ads interface.  Follow the steps below to create a new Action Extension and apply it to your account.

  • Step 1:  Navigate to the ad extensions page within the interface and select Action Extensions under the extension view drop down
  • Step 2:  Click the Ad Extensions dropdown within the interface and select Action Extensions

Bing Ads Action Extensions Location

  • Step 3:  Click “Create ad extension” to add a new action extension. Be sure to pay attention to the level you are applying the extension to: account, campaign, or ad group
  • Step 4:  Click +Add new Action Extension under the box showing Available Action Extensions

Bing Ads Action Extensions Create New

  • Step 5:  Select the appropriate language, action text, URLs, and the schedule you would like the extensions to run on. Keep in mind that sales oriented Action Text like “Bid Now” could irrelevant for hours where a sales center may not be staffed.

Bing Ads Action Extensions Setup

  • Step 6:  The new Action Extension will appear within the Selected Action Extension box. Save the update below to apply the extensions to the account
  • Step 7:  Action Extension will appear as a live ad extension in the account

Bing Ads Action Extensions Live Example


If you’re currently running campaigns in Bing Ads, I highly recommend laying in some Action Extensions, since they are totally unique to the platform. It’s not often that Bing Ads is leading the way with unique or new ad features. We should all celebrate Bing’s creativity and test this new format. Who knows – maybe you’ll experience a 20% increase in CTR along the way.


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