You’ve heard over and over that YouTube Ads can expand your reach, garner more engagement, and result in a fantastic ROI. But wait…back up a minute. How do you know what creative works for your audience? What should you be spending? What can you expect on your return? How will YouTube Ads profit compared to the ads I’m already running?


Do these questions sound familiar?


In this webinar, Hanapin’s Connor Regan, Shakr’s Mikkel Høimyr, and Variable Media’s Cory Henke will discuss the key metrics you need to be paying attention to in YouTube Ads, how to determine your campaign structure, and how to evaluate creative and know what works for your audience.


In addition, you’ll learn:

  • New capabilities and products that YouTube Ads offer and how you can take advantage of them
  • How to compare YouTube Ads correctly with the metrics from your search ads, social ads, etc.
  • How to use YouTube Ads for both high-funnel and low-funnel approaches



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