We’ve said it over and over and we’ll say it again, nothing replaces the value of a face to face interaction.

We know that getting the chance to network with peers and the speakers is just as important as the topics presented at a conference. So not only do you get to hear from leading experts on paid ads at Hero Conf, we also make sure there are plenty of opportunities to chat with other attendees and have fun too.

There are 10 unique networking opportunities that will be available at Hero Conf Philly, including events at unique locations with specialty foods from local vendors to night events to networking breakfasts and lunches. Get to know PPC Heroes from across the globe!

Also, we know networking can be daunting, so here’s a Networking Guide on how to make the most of your time spent with industry peers.

NOW, about those networking events….

Monday, April 22

1. Don’t miss the first chance to meet your fellow PPC fanatics at the Welcome Reception from 7-9pm at U-Bahn! Situated above the local favorite, Bru, you’ll find us throwing a few back with Mortal Combat, NBA Jam, and variety of games. Plan your travel accordingly to join us and let us welcome you to our 8th annual Hero Conf.

Tuesday, April 23

2. Start your day with our delicious Networking Breakfast. Look at it as an opportunity to reconnect with PPC friends as you enjoy a hot meal with more extras than you can count.

3. Our Networking Lunch will be fresh farm to table foods with local flare. Take the time to meet some new PPC pros and expand your community. *We don’t do boxed lunches. It’s just not our thing. You’ll get full breakfasts and lunches at Hero Conf.

4. The afternoon Networking Break allows a chance to relax amidst the jam-packed days of PPC Content, filled with delectable snacks.

5. Immediately following the final keynote, jump over to our afternoon Quora Happy Hour for a chance to wind-down and process the actionable takeaways from Day 1 at Hero Conf.

6. An event unlike any you’ll find at industry events, join us at Lucky Strike 8-10pm to Mingle with Microsoft Advertising. We promise, you don’t want to miss this.

Wednesday, April 24

7. Day 2 starts with another enticing spread for our Networking Breakfast. Enjoy a hot breakfast and catch up with those #PPCChat folks you’ve been dying to talk to.

8. Another Networking Lunch, another fantastic local meal. Find a speaker you admire and chat away at our extended lunch.

9. The afternoon Networking Break gives you another chance to relax to give you the pick-me-up you need to finish Day 2 strong.

10. Although the event will close, we’re not done with our networking. Connect with our event partners to expand your industry outreach and make sure you leave with all the right tools.


Hero Conf is in less than 2 weeks!
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