Excel is a crucial tool for any PPC marketer.  Between building accounts, analyzing data, and applying macros, Excel saves you valuable time and makes your job just a little bit easier. That’s why it’s important to continually brush up on your skills and make sure you use Excel to your full advantage.

Here’s two resources that can help you do that!

The first one is to download Hanapin’s latest Excel Guide for PPC. The Guide outlines the most important tasks that the Hanapin team uses in their day-to-day PPC work. It covers ad copy testing, bid management, account structure, keyword additions, analysis tools, and reporting tools. It’s jam-packed full of screenshots, formulas you can use, and examples.

The second is the hyper-relevant, small group Excel Hero Workshop held April 25th at Hero Conf. This a great workshop to tackle the issues and errors you keep running into with Excel (because, ya know it happens!).

Here’s what you would learn in this workshop:

  • How to reallocate budgets with Excel Solver
  • How to combine the best features of Excel with Microsoft Power BI
  • Which templates and dashboards will enhance your workflow
  • Customized solutions to your own challenges

Now I know – this post is kind of salesy – I’m sending you off to download a guide from the Hanapin site and a workshop on the Hero Conf site. But the Excel Guide has continually been one of our most popular guides downloaded (past versions – this is a new one!) and the Excel workshop has proved super valuable for its participants. That’s why we keep bringing it back year after year. My point being – I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t point out these awesome Excel resources to you!


Download the Excel Guide     |     Attend the Excel Hero Workshop



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