Picture this: it’s the holiday season and you are up to your eyeballs in optimizations with your Amazon Ads. You are not really sure what other strategies will deliver and how to really go about optimizing to best benefit your company or brand – not to mention what your competitors are doing. Whether you’re dealing with finding the perfect keywords, tailoring ads, or optimizing your shopping feed, we know how important it is to be on top of your game in the midst of chaos. You’ve done all the prep…and now it’s your time to shine.


In this webinar, Feedonomics’ Brian Roizen and Hanapin’s Tanner Schroeder will discuss ways you can optimize your Amazon ads during the holiday madness, from keeping your product in the buy box to ways to staying ahead of trouble in such a busy season. Join us and learn to take control of your Amazon success this year.


In this webinar you’ll learn things like:

  •  Pre-emptive strategies to make your life easier during the holiday season
  • Ways to ensure that you get in, and stay in the buy box
  • Tips on troubleshooting Amazon ads to garner the most success






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