Simon takes you through a nice mix of updates and new things to take advantage of – even a price drop!

Service Level Agreements 00:19
Price Reduction 1:15
Databases 2:09
Service Region Expansion 3:52
Analytics 5:23
Machine Learning 7:13
Compute 7:55
IoT 9:37
Management 10:43
Mobile 11:33
Desktop 12:30
Certification 13:11

Additional Resources

Topic || Service Level Agreements 00:19

    • Amazon API Gateway announces service level agreement
    • Amazon EMR Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement
    • Amazon EFS Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement
    • AWS Direct Connect Service Level Agreement

Topic || Price Reduction 1:15

    • Announcing AWS Fargate Price Reduction by Up To 50%

Topic || Databases 2:09

    • Introducing Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) – Generally available
    • AWS Database Migration Service Now Supports Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility as a target

Topic || Service Region Expansion 3:52

    • Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances are Now Available in Additional AWS Regions
    • Amazon Neptune is Now Available in Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    • Amazon EKS Available in Seoul Region
    • AWS Glue is now available in the AWS EU (Paris) Region
    • Amazon EC2 X1e Instances are Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Region
    • Amazon Pinpoint is now available in three additional regions

Topic || Analytics 5:23

    • Amazon QuickSight Launches Pivot Table Enhancements, Cross-Schema Joins and More

Topic || Machine Learning 7:13

    • Amazon SageMaker now supports encrypting all inter-node communication for distributed training

Topic || Compute 7:55

    • Amazon EC2 Spot now Provides Results for the “Describe Spot Instance Request” in Multiple Pages
    • Announcing Windows Server 2019 AMIs for Amazon EC2
    • AWS Step Functions Now Supports Resource Tagging

Topic || IoT 9:37

    • AWS IoT Core Now Enables Customers to Store Messages for Disconnected Devices
    • Renesas RX65N System on Chip is Qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS

Topic || Management 10:43

    • AWS Config adds support for AWS Service Catalog
    • AWS Single Sign-On Now Enables You to Direct Users to a Specific AWS Management Console Page

Topic || Mobile 11:33

    • aws-device-farm-now-supports-appium-node.js-and-appium-ruby
    • https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/01/deploy-citrix-virtual-apps-and-desktops-service-on-aws-with-new-quick-start/

Topic || Certification 13:11

    • Announcing the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty Beta Exam

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