Spotify has announced a new integration with Oracle Data Cloud, aimed at helping auto brands connect with listeners through its proprietary audience data.

Advertisers on the platform can build “audiences of potential car buyers across every vehicle segment and stage of the car buying cycle” using audience segments such as Polk Audiences and streaming intelligent signals like playlist names and location data from Spotify, the company said.

Why we should care

While the collaboration includes tools for a variety of verticals, it’s primary intention is to give auto advertisers the ability to target potential buyers and offer a richer understanding of the car buying journey by leveraging what the audio streaming company knows about how, when and where listeners use Spotify.

Listening behavior (like a “Road Trip Playlist”) can signal a wealth of information to auto advertisers looking to target key consumers where intent may exist.

More on the news

  • According to an analysis by IHS Markit, Spotify users purchased new vehicles at a 26 percent higher rate than the national average of car buyers in 2018.
  • Advertisers like Ford are already starting to use Oracle Data Cloud on Spotify to build custom audiences.
  • The partnership with Oracle Data Cloud benefits more than just auto advertisers, with audience and measurement tools for a variety of verticals, including retail and CPG.
  • This new integration adds to Spotify’s existing suite of third-party data partners, including ComScore, Moat and Integral Ad Science.

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