This past Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that brand ads were still showing up on polarizing and misleading sites, despite recent efforts to stop it. The article in particular pointed out how cheerful green ads for the Girl Scouts showed up next to content about Muslim invaders and faked mass shootings. Not good.

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The issue of brand safety has been a popular topic of concern for a while now. So much so, that during our State of PPC survey this year we asked respondents how worried they were about their brand’s safety.

75% responded that they still worry about brand safety in some capacity.

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With tools and options available to prevent things like this from happening, we expected more people to be less concerned about it. We wished we had asked more questions in our State of PPC survey initially about this topic, but never fear, that’s what this survey is all about!

We want to know what actions you are taking to ensure brand safety and the impact it is causing on your teams and budgets. The Survey takes 90 seconds (seriously, that was a high estimation too).

The responses from the survey will be included in an updated version of our Brand Safety Playbook that will be coming out later this year.

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