This blog post is part of a weekly series to tell you more about the sessions at the PPC Hero Summit, a free online seminar for digital marketers happening on Wednesday, March 6th. If paid media is a part of your job, this event is for you. Register here.


The only thing you can bank on in marketing, and even more so in digital marketing, is that things will change constantly. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, so marketers have to constantly be testing and trying new things to better reach their audience and get them to convert.

In the first two sessions of the PPC Hero Summit, the Hanapin team will talk about the trends that Marketing Managers need to be aware of – talking about, thinking about, and figuring out how to incorporate into their marketing plan – as well as automation. Are you telling stories to reach your audience and do you have the essentials automated so that you can do your job more efficient and more effective? These are just a couple questions the Hanapin team will answer in their sessions. Here are the official descriptions and presenters for each:

Vital Online Trends Marketing Managers Need to Know Today
11:00am – 11:30am EST

Presenters: Jeff Allen & Jeff Baum

The ever-changing digital landscape is tough to keep up with and hard to know what you need to be paying extra attention to. In this session, Hanapin’s President, Jeff Allen, and Director of Search, Jeff Baum, will discuss the rising online trends you need to be preparing for, like developing conversational strategies, honing your storytelling skills, and embracing automation.

Automation for Marketers Who Don’t Want to Give Up Control
11:30am – 12:00pm EST

Presenters: Matt Umbro & Zach Bruner

When you run paid advertising campaigns, there are essential automations you should be utilizing. In this session, Hanapin’s Associate Director of Search, Matt Umbro, and Account Manager, Zach Bruner will review a few automations, like rules and bid strategies, that will help you save time, create tailored solutions, and overall, make your job easier and more efficient.


The PPC Hero Summit happens on Wednesday, March 6th from 11am EST – 3pm EST. Along with the Hanapin team, you’ll see presenters from Optmyzr, Mobile Monkey, Unbounce, and Adstage. It’s a half-day of great content and resources for marketing and brand managers.

AND there will be giveaways for attendees!!!

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